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If you’re looking to reach a dedicated bunch of cultured, fun-loving dance enthusiasts, we’re the outlet for you. We are proudly based in London, but we strongly connect with dancers around the globe.

What services does Dance Dispatches offer?

Reviews for Dance Classes, Shows & Products

If you are looking to promote your dance class (or fitness class), request a class feature on Dance Dispatches that will introduce you to our audience of dance and wellness enthusiasts.

Dance Dispatches is an especially great platform for dance instructors who teach traditional and folk dance, since we include dance and movement practices from around the world – unlike mainstream dance publications that solely feature widespread dance art.

Our comprehensive dance class features page lists our deliverables and explains how to promote the article for optimal results.

We can cover your performance in our dance show reviews section, which are longer than most print and digital reviews and provide background information into the performing artists and companies.

Are you confident that our readers will love your apparel, spa or restaurant, etc? We will test it out and write up a detailed review of the experience. Of course, our readers trust us to remain open and honest, but we will make sure to highlight your brand’s very best features.

Advertorial Features

We can write about your business from different angles, too – in a way that will intrigue our established audience of dance, art and wellness enthusiasts. We’ll showcase your brand in a unique, engaging and well-researched article that resonates with our readers.

Social Media Campaigns, Contests & Takeovers

Whether you’re generally looking to increase brand recognition or need help amplifying your reach for a specific promotion, Dance Dispatches provides sponsored social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We can boost your presence with a single post or with a larger social media campaign across multiple platforms.

If your business is willing to offer a prize to one or more of our lucky social media followers, Dance Dispatches can host a social media contest for you on your selected social media platforms. In addition to increasing brand awareness, social media giveaway competitions can increase your company’s reach, engagement and followers.

Social media takeovers bring great, sharable content to your own social media accounts. Dance Dispatches will write the copy and deliver additional media assets that will get your followers buzzing – and your hosting of our content will bring the Dance Dispatches audience to the digital party.

Guests Posts on Your Website

As great as it is to feature in press (like on Dance Dispatches, for example), every business should have great content on their own website. We can write brilliant SEO-optimised copy for your blog – or authored guest posts, so your audience will associate your brand with Dance Dispatches, which will boost your own credibility and authority.

Affiliate Sales

We include affiliate links in our sites to help sell useful products and services to our audience, clearly marked by disclosures.

Display Advertisements

We can display banner advertisements on Dance Dispatches that raises awareness of your brand and directs readers to click on your site.

Newsletter Campaigns

Social media is great; but Dance Dispatches also sends more personal messages straight to dance lovers’ inboxes. And, if you’d like, we can give you a shout out in our e-newsletter campaigns to directly introduce you to our most dedicated fans.

Press Trip Coverage

We will capture the essence of your event or destination in interesting, detailed articles that sit alongside our own quality images. The event may span an afternoon or multiple days. Either way, when you invite us on a press trip, our readers will come along on the journey, too.

Bespoke Campaigns

We can mix and match the above services in a bespoke marketing campaign to best suit your specific requirements. You can rely on our creative digital marketing expertise.

Contact us to get started.

If you would like to work together, please send an email to hello@ dance dispatches . com (without the additional spaces). It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just tell us a little about yourself, your company or studio and what you’re looking to promote. We’ll guide the conversation from there!

Our rates vary, depending on each independent project, but we can send you a complimentary price quote.

Please note: We are happy to feature charities and non-profit organisations on Dance Dispatches; but if you are representing a brand, please do not approach us without a budget. Creating thoughtful, bespoke content requires great skill, effort and time; and we deserve monetary compensation for the quality work that we produce.


“Alison was so helpful in getting us up and running with our first campaign with Dance Dispatches. She broke down all the steps to make it easy for us… and she was always open to revisions to make sure the content matched our voice exactly.

It was a pleasure to work with Dance Dispatches to showcase our online offering and advertising our first online Adult Ballet Festival.

– Julie, Broche Ballet

Alison’s detailed previews and reviews offer the reader
some wonderful insight into clients’ shows and tours as the writer
has a true understanding of dance, the artists and the creative process.

I always look forward to reading a Dance Dispatches write-up
for something a little bit different and incredibly well informed.

– Simon, Simon Harper PR

“Working with Alison was a pleasure. Not only was the article well-researched, accurate and engaging, but she was also prompt with communication and a true gem!

Our brand was represented well, and the article depicted the experience of DanceBody in an authentic and interesting way – without giving away all the fun facts! We’d love to have Alison back in-studio anytime!”

– Dana, DanceBody

“We found working with Alison from Dance Dispatches refreshing.

Her keen observations of Folklorni Ansambl Lindo demonstrate just how seriously she takes her job.

Her performance description was on point, and we recommend any dance group to host Alison and Dance Dispatches.

– Ivana, Lindo Folk Ensemble, Dubrovnik

“Working with Dance Dispatches was a pleasure from start to finish. They provide an extremely professional service, maintaining clear and supportive communication throughout the process – and the article provided was excellent, with so much attention put into crafting the content.

Alison was a joy to meet and have participate as a guest in our ‘Romeo and Juliet’ workshop, and we hope that this is the start of a great friendship.

– Lucy, London Ballet Masterclasses

“We really appreciated the long and detailed review that Dance Dispatches published about our traditional flamenco show.

[Alison] paid attention to every detail in the dancing… and she easily communicated her research about flamenco, which was quite deep.

– Carmen, La Casa del Flamenco Sevilla

Why should I work with Dance Dispatches?

Receive Quality Work.

Dance Dispatches is run by a professional writer and editor, whose work has featured on popular websites, such as British Airways and Matador Network, as well as in print publications – like The Wonderful World of Dance, Times of the Islands and RSW Living. This means you won’t waste time asking for changes during an interminable ‘back and forth’ process; you’ll simply receive a well-researched, highly polished feature to share with your fans and subscribers. What a relief!

Reach Your Niche.

Are you trying to reach an audience of art and culture lovers or fitness enthusiasts? Fans of Dance Dispatches enjoy learning about the world through unique experiences, such as dance, cuisine and wellness rituals. We will promote your product to receptive readers, whose interests directly align with your brand, products and services.

Trust Our Expertise.

Founder and editor Alison Roberts-Tse has degrees in both dance and communications; so she has the know-how to create informative and engaging articles.

Piggyback on Our Trustworthiness.

Dance Dispatches is honest and upfront about all sponsorships, from gifts to advertorial articles. This means our readers know they can trust us because of our transparency.

We especially love collaborating with dance studio owners and dance educators. We also work with theaters, arts PR companies and festival organizers to promote a variety of dance shows, classes, workshops and events – whether they’re in-person or digital.

But there’s a health and wellness aspect of dance, too. So, we promote fitness experts, gyms, spas and restaurants in our lifestyle section. And, naturally, we’re a great fit for clothing brands, too. (Dancers love athleisure wear.)

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