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Dance Resources

You wanna dance – and we’ve got your back.

Get your fill of dance resources here. These freebies, guides and other goodies were handpicked for you. (We only recommend things we think you’ll truly love.)

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Dance at Home Resources

These fun at-home dance activities will keep you movin’ and groovin’.

For bunheads, there’s no better exercise than a ballet barre class.

At 30 minutes or less, these simple, free online barre workouts are easy to squeeze into your day!

What dance lover hasn’t accidentally kicked some furniture – or banged an elbow – while bopping around the house? 😅

Avoid the injuries by learning  how to create your own home dance studio.

Sometimes you just wanna dance without recalling heaps of complicated choreography.

So, try these online dance cardio classes. They’re inspired by multiple dance styles!

Note: The list of classes is free, but classes may be paid.

Dance Gift Ideas

Treat your favorite dancer to lovely presents for any occasion… Or treat yourself!

After perusing our suggestions for dance teacher gifts and dancer presents, you’ll have more gift ideas than pants with ‘dancer’ splashed across the bum…

(But, you know, you can always buy those, too.)

Note: The gift guide is free, but items and services are paid.

If your dance lover is also a bookworm, you’re sure to find them a good read in our list of fascinating books for dancers – including books for children.

Note: The book list of classes is free, but books are paid.

Dance Professional Resources

Want a leg up in the dance industry? We’ll help you out!

Love dance but don’t know how to get paid for it? 

Don’t fret, there are way more dance jobs for dance lovers than working as a performer, choreographer and teacher.

You want to get the word out to a diverse dance community? We can help out!

Our Work with Us page will tell you more.

Our readers love our dance class reviews – because they’re unique, insightful and engaging. 

Here’s what you get when you order a bespoke dance class feature.

You’ll be able to add your dance classes to the comprehensive Dance Dispatches directory for free.

But the premium plans will really make your business shine!

… More soon!

Resources for Dance Bloggers & Influencers

Dance writers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters need specific tools of the trade.

If you want to make your mark on the dance world, setting up a dance website is a great place to start.

You’ll need:

* a website domain
* a website host

To email your subscribers, you can set up an account with

If you want to start a dance YouTube channel, … 

More Dance Stuff!

Want to meet, and get advice, from a welcoming community of global dancers?

Connect with dancers around the world in the Diverse Dance Lovers community – a private group for dance lovers to crowdsource answers, share super useful resources and discuss the latest dance news.

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