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So much dance, so little time!

Hey dance lover,

We know that, when it comes to dance, your time is even more precious than your timing. 🤭

And you don’t have a minute to waste on things you don’t enjoy!

That’s why we’re creating the ultimate ‘dance class finder’.

A woman raises on arm and leans back as she stands on one leg in pointe shoes
Bad dance doesn't exist – unless you feel bad doing it.

Our dance finder will feature trustworthy reviews, from dance enthusiasts like you, when you research local dance studios and classes.

In fact, as we grow, Dance Dispatches will make discovering fun dance experiences easier than ever – whether you’re looking for ‘dance classes near me’ in your own neighborhood… or for your next trip abroad!  

Dance every day? Now, you can dance everywhere.

We’re still sorting out the details and building the functionalities, but here’s the low-down.

Who: Dance Dispatches

What: is building a dance directory and review site

Where: on dancedispatches.com

When: right now (unless I’m sleeping, or something)

Why: because it will help dancers find – and join – fulfilling dance experiences.

We not only want to grow the dance community, we want to make it more inclusive and connected. Like a big, happy dance family. (Awwww.)

… Now, what is a ‘dance directory and review site’, you ask?

Our digital dance finder will be akin to a ‘Tripadvisor of dance’. 🎉

But, instead of listing hotels, we’ll compile a list of dance studios, so you can honestly share your experiences: the good, the bad, and the meh.

Dance Dispatches’ online dance finder will allow you to:

⭐ Find top-rated dance classes around the world

⭐ Feel confident attending lessons that appeal to your tastes

⭐ Give your fabulous dance teachers public props

⭐ Provide helpful feedback concerning classes you didn’t love

⭐ Attract more students, if you’re an instructor or studio owner

So, let’s go forth, gallivant and dance around the world.

And, pretty please, complete the survey below to help us build the best dance finder tool. 🙏😘

Thanks in advance, dance superstar!

Much love, and let dance move you,


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