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Dear dance educators and studio owners,

You want to share your love and knowledge of dance with eager students – but you’re struggling to with low class enrollment? Dance Dispatches publishes dance class features that alert dance enthusiasts to a variety of quality dance classes in London and beyond. See how our class features can benefit your business.

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Class Features on Dance Dispatches

Artists commonly prefer to focus on their art, rather than managing the logistics side of business. But marketing is necessary to attract students and to make a living doing what you love.

We can help. A dance class feature with Dance Dispatches is a valuable investment that will give you the positive PR boost you need – and we tell you how to keep the momentum going below.

See our examples of our dance class reviews.

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“Working with Dance Dispatches was a pleasure from start to finish. They provide an extremely professional service, maintaining clear and supportive communications throughout the process – and the article provided was excellent, with so much attention put into crafting the content.

Alison was a joy to meet and have participate as a guest in our ‘Romeo and Juliet’ workshop, and we hope that this is the start of a great friendship.”

[/testimonial] [/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″] [testimonial image=”2514″ image_width=”121″ stars=”0″]

Our dancehall feature for Natty JCDT was picked up by Google Discover. This means that our feature was shown to a select audience with an interest in dance and dance culture — in addition to surfacing in search engine results. 

In one month, the Dance Dispatches article appeared an additional 600+ times in Google Discover and drove 50+ more users to read the full article.

These figures are a bonus on top of appearances in organic search and referrals from social media.

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Class Feature Deliverables

When you invest in an advertorial class feature on Dance Dispatches, you will receive a published feature:

  • that showcases your class and highlights your USPs in 500+ words
  • that is keyword-researched to attract organic traffic (aka: self-motivated, interested readers)
  • that is professionally written by a writer with bylines in print magazines, such as The Wonderful World of Dance and Times of the Islands, and online with British Airways and Matador Network
  • with industry insight from a university dance graduate, who samples dance around the world
  • with keen kinesthetic observations from someone has tried multiple movement practices
  • that introduces you to our audience of dance enthusiasts
  • that shares first-hand experience about your class
  • that links back to your dance website or social media account*
  • that provides an “If You Go” call-to-action box with your dance class details (location, price, etc.)
  • that readers trust because we are transparent about partnerships with highly visible disclosures

* To comply with Google guidelines, links given in a sponsored feature will be classified as ‘no follow’. Users will experience the normal user journey, and all clicks will be directed to your site. This only means that the article will not pass link juice to increase your domain authority or page authority.

Upon publication, Dance Dispatches also shares these features on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Flipboard), tagging instructor accounts and geotagging the dance studio where possible. 

Class feature package add-ons include sponsored social media campaigns, photography and video services.

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We also provide class features for fitness classes in our cross-training vertical, covering brands such as Moving Stretch, Bear Grylls Fitness and DanceBody.

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Let’s Get Started

Are you ready for us to help you promote your dance class to prospective students?

Simply fill out the form on this page, and we will get back to you shortly.


If you have additional requirements or would like further examples of collaboration ideas, please see our Work With Us page – and email hello @ dance dispatches . com (without the additional spaces) with any enquiries.

We are more than happy to tailor campaigns to suit your specific needs.

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Maximize Impact of Your Dance Class Review

Yay, your dance class feature has been published on Dance Dispatches! You’ve got the warm fuzzies, reading about your class or studio, but now what…? We want you to get the best return on your investment, so we have listed strategies to help amplify the reach and engagement of your advertorial article. 

  • Send the article to your family and friends. 
  • Engage with the related Dance Dispatches social media posts – and re-share them from your business accounts.
  • (You get bonus points for completing the above with your personal accounts.)
  • Get a little creative and create your own social media posts that direct your readers to the dance class feature.
  • Write about being featured on LinkedIn to catch the attention of dance industry professionals.
  • Mention the article and link to it in your next e-newsletter.
  • Quote the article and place the link on your website’s press page.
  • Add ‘as seen on Dance Dispatches‘ or ‘as featured in Dance Dispatches‘ on your next advertisement.
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2020 sale



Quote ‘NewYear20’ in your enquiry by 23:59 GMT on Monday, 6 January 2019 to receive promotional price of £99.

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