Alison Roberts-Tse is a London-based freelance writer and editor.
She specialises in dance and performing arts, but she also covers
travel and culture for a variety of digital and print publications.

Alison founded Dance Dispatches in 2019.

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After a frustrating stint with gymnastics, Alison turned to dance at the tender age of ten. Her love for movement and musicality blossomed at her small hometown dance studio, where she took weekly lessons. Alison consistently studied ballet, but it was occasionally paired with tap, jazz, ‘hip-hop’ (yes, the quotes are necessary) and Irish dance. 

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More than a decade later, Alison graduated with degrees in Dance and Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, along with a minor in Dance / Movement Therapy, a minor in Global Cultures and an Honors Degree in the Liberal Arts. 

During this time, she learned ballroom dance, belly dance, a tiny bit of freestyle and a dash of Bhangra, Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance with extracurricular groups on campus.

Alison also covered the Madison dance scene, writing features and performance reviews, for a local digital news syndicate.

Check the Dance Dispatches press page to see
examples of Alison’s published work.

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Looking back, studying dance in an academic setting with incredibly open, intelligent and generous mentors was a highlight in and of itself. But extra special experiences include:

    • performing Jin-Wen Yu’s Passage and Li Chiao-Ping’s Riot of Spring at the World Dance Alliance: Americas conference
    • performing Becca Kesting’s Inoculate in the American College Dance Festival Association North-Central gala concert
    • working with guest artists for student concerts, such as Guy Thorne & N’Jelle Gage, Pamela Pietro and Germaul Barnes
    • choreographing Becoming with Aliza Roth for the University of Wisconsin – Madison science festival
    • attending Bates Dance Festival Professional Training Program
    • studying dance education as an Arnhold scholar in NYC’s 92nd St YMCA
    • volunteering with Rena Kornblum to help facilitate her Dance/ Movement Therapy-based violence prevention program in elementary schools
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Alison took a hiatus from dance for five years as she studied Mandarin in Taiwan on the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, unwittingly met her British husband, suffered a shoulder dislocation and moved to London (where the publication is currently based).

Although she may have passed her peak physical condition, Alison is ecstatic to re-join the dance community as an enthusiast (rather than a hopeful professional), and she looks forward to sharing her discoveries with you here on Dance Dispatches.